Quo Vadis?

Symbolic jewels which are inspired by cardinal points

  • Anna Maccieri Rossi

    Anna Maccieri Rossi

The desire for adventure, choosing a far-off destination, taking off, exploring different cultures and places... The travel theme is classic inspiration, and, today, it is just as alluring thanks to original new interpretations. Thus the cardinal points are transformed into a decorative element, with that symbolic symmetry used in a precious object to wear around the neck.

  • Mary Katrantzou, S/S 2020

    Mary Katrantzou, S/S 2020

  • Established Jewelry

    Established Jewelry

  • Harwell Godfrey

    Harwell Godfrey

  • Foundrae


  • Annoushka


  • Sofia Zakia

    Sofia Zakia

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