Shades of Green

Let’s celebrate the beginning of August with a selection of jewels created with peridot, a gem with a strong symbolic power

Its characteristic color preserves the brightest shades of green. We are talking about peridot, the birthstone of August: A semi-precious gem rich in symbolic values that boasts a long tradition. For example, it was said that Cupid's arrows were cut in peridot that’s why it is associated with love at first sight and compassion. Quoted in several places in the Bible with his ancient name of Chrysolite, it was also beloved by pirates, who believed in his power to ward off evil spirits and the fear of the dark. To give it even more charm is that together with the diamond it is one of the very few gems that comes from the mantle of the Earth. In this gallery, we have chosen a selection of brilliant jewels made by Nadine Aysoy and Misahara who, through their contemporary style, manage to renew the beauty of peridot.

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