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Statement Items for a New Beginning

The new season opens with a celebration of Made in Italy, now not only synonymous with traditional excellence, but also with modernity and innovation

  • Peruffo


September is just around the corner. A series of important events are approaching to invigorate the jewelry sector, fueling it with new energy, ideas, innovations and an abundance of beauty. A month to celebrate by focusing on the excellence of made in Italy and how extremely skilled brands are at innovating and creating pieces that overflow with contemporaneity, even while maintaining the traditional rules of craftsmanship. Statement jewelry, able to tell a story set among the past, present and future. First and foremost, the Studs collar designed and made by Peruffo Jewelry, which received four prestigious Couture Design Award nominations at the Las Vegas Couture Show, winning the Best Debuting and The People's Choice categories. A unique piece of jewelry in 18-carat gold with mobile bars. Each movement reveals a different light, while the blue agate and gold studs alternate according to a precise rhythm. A special piece that combines some of the brand's most recognizable features. Just as impressive is the large Gismondi 1754 bracelet from the Aura Ti collection. A reinterpretation of an iconic piece, featuring a titanium-carbon alloy obtained from a special treatment of titanium through chemical-physical procedures to give the metal an intriguing matt black appearance. We conclude with the timeless style of the bracelet from Vendorafa's iconic Dune collection, which exhibits the masterful workmanship of hammered gold with textured recesses, an ancient technique that has always been the hallmark of the Valenza-based company.

  • Gismondi 1754

    Gismondi 1754

  • Vendorafa


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