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Summer Jewelry: Tribute to the Sea

Ten jewelry pieces inspired by waves crashing on the sea shore

  • Chloé Spring/Summer 2019

    Chloé Spring/Summer 2019

In summer, the movement and shapes of the sea can be the best source of inspiration to create charming and original jewelry. Here are ten jewelry pieces inspired by the sea wave motion. The hypnotic shapes of waves crashing on the shore are emulated with lines of gold and precious stones, evoking a sinuous movement shining in the sunlight.

  • Kavant & Sharart

    Kavant & Sharart

  • Orit Elhanati

    Orit Elhanati

  • Charlotte Chesnais

    Charlotte Chesnais

  • Ejing Zhang

    Ejing Zhang

  • fernando jorge

    fernando jorge

  • Honolulu Jewelry

    Honolulu Jewelry

  • Nak Armstrong

    Nak Armstrong

  • suzanne kalan

    suzanne kalan

  • agmes


  • venyx


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