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The new routes for sustainable jewelry go from metropolises like London, Los Angeles and Milan to small communities in Tunisia. Here are five examples of how to be creative with an eye to the environment and human rights

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    Beats by Dr Dre and Sacai

Ethical jewelry. Everyone has found a fair-trade formula to make it and to create added value on many levels. Then there is who – like Giovanni Belloni – went from Milan all the way to Canada and Colombia to personally verify where his raw materials were coming from, to then get certified by Fairmined, the first company in Italy. And then there is who – like Caterina Occhio of SeeMe – supports the Tunisian community of women who have endured violence by giving them the opportunity to learn a trade, gold craftsmanship to be exact, allowing them to finally support themselves. Joining these two Italians are Polly Wales, Pippa Small and Bario Neal – all brands who have made sustainability a trademark. Here’s how.


«All of our diamonds are recycled and sourced ethically, we do not deal in newly mined diamonds. We only buy stones in the USA, and only certified. In regard to metals, we exclusively work with 18k red and yellow gold, with no white gold or platinum. All our items are made in-house by our craftsmen according to healthy and ethical rules. The technique we use is called “Cast-Not-Set” which requires a greater degree of precision: the stones are directly set into cast metal giving the whole item a more natural look.»


«We launched the brand 10 years ago with the intention to responsibly source precious metals and gemstones for our jewelry, investing in initiatives connected to the environment and human rights. Each piece is designed in-house and handcrafted with reclaimed precious metals, Fairmined gold, and ethically sourced stones. We work with a local community of craftspeople on Philadelphia’s historic Jeweler’s Row — the old- est jewelry district in the United States — to apply specialized techniques such as hand engraving or glass enameling


«At the beginning of the millennium, we set up some charitable initiatives by donating part of the profits linked to dia- mond jewelry sales to several no profit as- sociations. We were the first to receive the Fairmined in Italy certification. For us, an ethical jewelry item must be made of materials of which the origin is 100% certain and come from countries where laws respect the workers and the environment. Like Cana- da, or other Fairmined or Fairtrade certified organizations, like those in Columbia.»


«I feel that safe, sustainable, creative jobs in areas where opportunities are so lacking, such as conflict areas, is vital. A job allows communities to stay together and allows young people to avoid dangerous alternatives as income generators. A creative job gives hope, it allows traditions to remain alive and reinforce a sense of cultural identity and heritage. Key factors in such uncertain times.»


«SeeMe is a fair trade verified brand that produces heart shaped jewelry and provides ethical sourcing for other fashion brands. All of its pieces are handmade by women survivors of violence. By wearing the heart, SeeMe clients join the #heart movement, that aims at replacing violence with love. On top of being a safe resort and source of income for survivors in Tunisia, it also strives to influence the fashion brands in the world, supporting an ethical approach to their sourcing procedures.»

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    bario neal by anna bario & page neal

  • bario neal by anna bario & page neal

    bario neal by anna bario & page neal

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    pippa small

  • pippa small

    pippa small

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    gioielleria belloni

  • seeme


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