The Art of Recycling

The new Anabela Chan’s jewels celebrate nature through sculptural forms and recycled materials

There is no doubt that the upcoming summer will be different and in some way special, for everyone. A summer enriched by greater awareness of values and feelings but also by an increased environmental sensitivity. Respect for the environment, above all, becomes a fundamental theme in jewelry, which is revealing how creativity and innovation can be the very useful to adapt to a new world. Anabela Chan gives us a great demonstration with her new Blooms collection: her first test of fine jewelry, the result of alchemy between precious materials, both natural and artificial. The pieces are made of recycled aluminum, coming from used beverage cans, 18-karat gold, sterling silver and laboratory-grown gemstones. In addition to the enchanting sculptural profiles that meticulously reproduce the shapes of the flowers, the pieces stand out for the unusual, incredible psychedelic iridescent colours, which have been achieved using physical vapour deposition, known as PVD, the same technique used in the car industries to colour car bodies. In this way, the designer confirms her usual vocation: offering a different perspective in the jewelry industry.

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