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The Art Project by Suzanne Syz at the Design Miami / Basel

Art, jewelry and sculpture come together at Design Miami / Basel through “Dino Runes”, the artistic collaboration between Suzanne Syz and Kerstin Brätsch

It is already a usual appointment. Every year, since 2016, at the Design Miami / Basel (June 11-16), Suzanne Syz, founder of Syz Art Jewels, brings new life to the conservative format of her jewelry display, inviting contemporary artists to re-envision the jewelry box as sculpture. Past Design Miami/Basel collaborations have included Sylvie Fleury, Alex Israel and John Armeleder. This year, the Geneva-based jewelry designer collaborated with Kerstin Brätsch. The German New York based artist produced a wallpaper environment based on images of marble stones and marbling, and featuring superimposed 3D renderings of dinosaurs, symbolizing an extinguished ancient life in contrast to new technology. She has also designed six unique amorphous glass jewelry cases filled with volcanic stones. For Brätsch, the connections between these natural materials create a dialogue as old as the diamonds present at the beginning of mother earth. Those stones used for jewelry survive until today, exhaling their telluric vibrations and vibrant presence.

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