The Genderless Chic of GDF

His name is Karl Yazigi, Lebanese-born but living in Milan. With the new Bullseye collection, he achieves a new dimension of a-gender authenticity.

The Bullseye collection by GDF, Garçon de Famille, is the result of a creative project that brought together a daring team of artists, from creative designer and founder Karl Yazigi to photographer Teresa Ciocia, fashion editor Chrstian Stemmler and video director Dino J Gulino. A collection launched on 29th March that comprises more than 20 pieces declined in various types of rings, earrings and necklaces, whose silhouettes reinforce the now mature style of the designer, who launched the brand in 2019. The entire collection revolves around two shapes with a highly minimal style: the "fast" diamond and the round silver bullet. Whether on the fingers, neck or lobes, the shapes of GDF jewelry always have that special something of engineering that nevertheless makes them sophisticated and incredibly modern, mechanical and aggressive. The designer explains: «I designed the Bullseye collection with modular elements in mind that could be adapted to different styles. Jewels able to transform technically and rely on a combination of elaborate stones and experimental shapes, from multiple claws turned upside down to form a single spider's web in bronze and silver, to elongated bullets. A design that is the result of a concept that includes pieces with a dandy spirit and a temperamental soul. I would like my Bullseye pieces to be worn at rave parties as well as at family dinners because, in conceiving them, I always had all Lebanese women in mind by way of reference, especially the female figures linked to my childhood, my mother, my sisters. Jewelry without gender, without borders, but all made in Italy, thanks to the craftsmanship that the whole country is so rich in.»

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