The Hottest Jewelry of 2017

A round-up of the best jewelry trends of the last 12 months

The unforgettable design of the 2017 jewels
The 2017 has been a very shining year, thanks to the outstanding design of necklaces, earrings, rings, chokers, bracelets, pins and brooches which deserve to be recalled. Unforgettable is the power of the new tiara back on the runways, free from its inherent meaning and transformed into a highly fashionable accessory: iconic Maisons like Cartier, Buccellati, Mellerio and Chaumet re-interpreted the symbol of sovereign authority with a contemporary feel suggesting an idea of a more emancipated femininity. Unforgettable is the natural energy of malachite, a marvelous stone which gave all its beauty to the new jewels, destined to become a new must.

  • Zurair Murad Haute Couture FW 2017-18

    Zurair Murad Haute Couture FW 2017-18

  • Chaumet


  • Manish Arora FW 2017-18

    Manish Arora FW 2017-18

  • David Webb

    David Webb

Remarkable were the return of the pearl, a classic which never loses its charm, especially when it is enhanced by twisting yellow gold profiles inspired by geometrical rigor, and the one of the chain, back in a contemporary version in order to generate modern armor embodying all the flavor of vintage jewelry from the 1970s in an original up to-date design.

  • Y/Project FW 2017-18

    Y/Project FW 2017-18

  • Yael Sonia

    Yael Sonia

  • Rochas FW 2017-18

    Rochas FW 2017-18

  • Chanel Joaillerie

    Chanel Joaillerie

The new chandelier earrings: ultra-ornamental oversized pendants

Last but not least, we loved the new 'chandelier' earrings: those oversized pendants characterized by a balanced touch of style that showcases the creative hand of the designer and the geometric cut of the gem stones they contain, harmoniously combined with gold. 

Isabel Marant FW 2017-18


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