New Earrings? Straight and Cool

Long, sumptuous, eye-catching, lavish, showy: once upon a time, there were chandelier earrings

The oversized pendants, known as chandelier earrings due to their resemblance to vintage candelabra lighting fixtures, are today being replaced by more stylised and longer, shoulder-skimming earrings. Ultra-ornamental, baroque opulence, which has appeared in recent jewellery sketch-books, now interacts with ‘newcomers’, and features a heavy design element. Earrings characterised by a balanced touch of style, showcase the creative hand of the designer and the geometric cut of the gemstones they contain, harmoniously combined with gold.

  • Amsterdam Sauer

    Amsterdam Sauer

  • Chanel Joaillerie

    Chanel Joaillerie

  • Sutra


  • NC Rocks

    NC Rocks

  • Tomasz Donocik

    Tomasz Donocik

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