The Ninenties are Back

The irreverent, much-hyped 1990s: one of the most anarchic decades in fashion is back with a dominant nonchalance featuring bold, decisive accessories

  • balenciaga s/s 2019

    balenciaga s/s 2019

History tends to repeat itself, along with the fashions and styles that go with it. Not without a current filter, an indispensable ally of contemporary times. So, after the ‘bon ton’ of the 1950s and the ‘glam rock’ of the 1980s, the bold and joyous spirit of the unforgettable 1990s has made its return to fashion runways. This decade was particularly anarchic in terms of fashion, with different genres - each of which was destined to influence future aesthetics - coexisting. Grunge and minimalism, opposite ends of the spectrum, were major trends but a strong, provocative glamour continued to dominate thanks to a visionary designer: Italian Gianni Versace, whose brand went through an absolute golden period in that era. In a moment in which style seemingly had no precise rules, no outfit would have been complete without a long gold chain, a choker, or big hoop earrings. This diktat is making a strong comeback today, translated into a modern version thanks to the essential yet decisive style of new jewels: rings, necklaces, and bracelets - in gold or silver - featuring a characteristic design that we could call ‘ringed,’ along with chokers that are like rigid collars with futuristic lines. ◆

  • Giovanni Raspini

    Giovanni Raspini

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    federica tosi

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    hadar nornberg

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    mattia cielo

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    mukhi sister

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    spinelli kilkollin

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    giovanni raspini

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