The Playful Effect

Childhood memories get the fun of game into jewelry for a new very ironic trend


  • Bijoux De Famille

    Bijoux De Famille

Playing is a serious matter. The new challenge of jewelry is not only to enchant with precious stones and innovative works but also to amuse, adding a touch of humor to the collections. How? Interpreting those symbols of the collective imagination that remind us of childhood, age of play and serenity. Balloons, old trains, wooden toys, clouds, emoticons, rainbows and candies are turned into delicious jewels that inspire positive vibes while cheering the eyes. From the high jewelry pieces by Bulgari and Vhernier, to the unexpected creations of independent jewelers such as Sabine Getty inspired by children's wooden toys, or Brent Nealeand Ilana Ariel, who recover those forms of nature beloved by the youngest, up to the original and surprising costume jewelry of hyper-creative brands like Bijoux De Famille... There are so many jewelry brands, which have decided to celebrate the art of the game. Enjoy!

  • rosa de la cruz

    rosa de la cruz

  • Ilana Ariel

    Ilana Ariel

  • bulgari


  • pili restrepo

    pili restrepo

  • apm monaco

    apm monaco

  • brent neale

    brent neale

  • Ruifier


  • Vhernier


  • sabine getty

    sabine getty

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