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The Timeless Heritage of Boghossian

Over 150 years of the Boghossian company’s history told by Vivienne Becker in an Assouline volume, out in February. A tribute to one-of-a-kind masterpieces featuring unique stones

  • The cover of the new book

    The cover of the new book "Boghossian. Expertise, Craftsmanship, Innovation", published by Assouline and written by Vivienne Becker

The release of an Assouline monographic book is always a moment to celebrate. Especially when the subject is a historic, high jewelry company which, in over 150 years of history, has always acted as a bridge between the oriental world and spirit and western taste, aesthetics and savoir-faire. The book “Boghossian. Expertise, Craftsmanship, Innovation”, due out in February, is, in fact, part of the Legends series and takes the reader on a very long journey to discover the Silk Road. It is from here that author and jewelry historian Vivienne Becker traces the origins of this lengthy family history back to 1868 when the Boghossians began travelling between East and West, handing down from generation to generation an innate capacity to recognize and capture the exceptional nature of stones. This predisposition, combined with an elegance of style, rare artisan skills and a cultural richness that has always fueled their inspirations, has led them to be among the most reputable maîtres joailliers in the world today, whose one-of-a-kind jewelry regularly fetches record figures at international auctions. Being able to rely on such a solid and prestigious heritage, the Boghossians have managed to reimpose those ancient techniques for which they are known from East to West on their new creations: Inlay, Kissing, Merveilles and Diaphane. The long family journey told by Vivienne Becker in this book also features Edmond Chin, the brand's creative director and visionary artist renowned for his avant-garde creations, who has managed to merge the family's wealth of knowledge and experience with his own innovative vision of design. All this, always with a single thought in mind: to give voice to the stones, those timeless guest stars of astonishing jewelry

Boghossian1Model wearing three bracelets set with diamonds and sapphires, for a collaboration with haute couture designer Stéphane Rolland, 2018. Photo © Claire Terraillon.

  • Inauguration of the Boghossian booth at Design Miami/Basel 2019. Photo courtesy Boghossian

    Inauguration of the Boghossian booth at Design Miami/Basel 2019. Photo courtesy Boghossian

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