This Summer is for Rough Stones

Jewelry is embracing a new trend, featuring the irregular beauty of rough gemstones

  • Kimberly McDonald

    Kimberly McDonald

Beauty lies in imperfection: this is almost a common thought. And this is also true in the world of jewelry. For a long time, jewelers have worked on establishing techniques and perfected ways to cut gemstones, now driving by the will to have something rare, they have a new goal: to create jewelry pieces that promote the natural look of a rough gemstone. That’s why the summer’s hottest pieces are inspired by nature’s ‘imperfections’. Here are some of the new interesting creations following this trend. From the rough pear-shaped diamond studs created by Nina Runsdorf, who believes that each gem has its own unique personality, to the bar necklace by Luna Skye promoting the power of row black tourmaline crystal: one of the most universal, grounding crystal that provides a connection between Earth and the human spirit. From Jordan Askill, choosing the bold appeal of a piece of rock crystal, up to Kathleen Whitaker who matches a rough Chrysoprase slice stone with diamonds. Brands likeJacquie Aiche, Little H by Hisano Shepherd and Kimberly McDonald also give a modern interpretation of some amazing natural geodes and crystals.

  • Nina Runsdorf

    Nina Runsdorf

  • Luna Skye

    Luna Skye

  • Kathleen Whitaker

    Kathleen Whitaker

  • Jordan Askill

    Jordan Askill

  • Jacquie Aiche

    Jacquie Aiche

  • Little H

    Little H

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