Timeless Snake

From the traditional brands to the most unconventional ones. The snake is still a beloved symbol for jewelry which keeps a never ending allure

From Cleopatra to the present day. The snake is still a very popular symbol in jewelry, and it still keeps a timeless and intriguing style. And this summer its profile are reinterpreted by both traditional jewelry houses and contemporary jewelers. Here are ten highly creative snake jewelry pieces that demonstrate how the shapes of the snake continues to be iconic.



  • Arman Sarkisyan

    Arman Sarkisyan

  • barbara biffoli

    barbara biffoli

  • christina alexiou

    christina alexiou

  • federica tosi

    federica tosi

  • ileana makri

    ileana makri

  • madyha


  • roberto coin

    roberto coin

  • sorellina


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