Chrysoprase: Understated Green

Featuring bewitching shades of apple green, chrysoprase is a new jewelry key player

Making use of the natural beauty of hard stones, often custodians of a spiritual value, is the latest frontier for those designers who love to add a touch of sophistication to their most precious creations. That’s how chrysoprase, one of the most beautiful varieties of chalcedony featuring bewitching shades of apple green, has become a key player with an unprecedented allure.

  • Octavia Elizabeth

    Octavia Elizabeth

  • Retrouvai


  • Fernando Jorge

    Fernando Jorge

  • Karma El Khalil

    Karma El Khalil

  • Jacquie Aiche

    Jacquie Aiche

  • Arman Sarkisyan

    Arman Sarkisyan

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