Vintage Goes Digital

Vintage and contemporary jewelry have begun to play a match held totally online. We spoke to Joanna Hardy, co-founder, curator and authenticator of Omnēque and Thomas de Haas, Ceo of Auverture, which has recently inaugurated the Auverture Vintage section



«First of all, let’s explain the difference between vintage and antique. A jewelry item is antique if it is over 100 years old, while it would be vintage if it is over 40. Just because the jewelry is vintage or antique does not mean that it is “good”. To maintain its value, it must, above all, be intact, it must never be broken or modified and the reason why some items become iconic, is because they are innovative, different and not like any other. With the launching of Omnēque – from the Latin for “thing of value” – we wanted to offer the digital audience a highly accurate selection of antique jewelry and stones, as well as promote and form a community of vintage lovers and collectors. We now live in an age where shopping is done increasingly online and, in the last 18 months, this trend has also grown considerably for jewelry. Of course, there are now a lot of specialized digital platforms but you always have to be careful because 40% of the jewelry sold online is not described and presented correctly. Omnēque, on the other hand, offers a wide variety of pieces, all previously examined by gemmologists and experts, and that I personally select, according to my hard and fast rule: would I wear it? Because I could never recommend an item if I didn’t like it myself. Vintage pieces by Cartier, Van Cleef & Arpels and Boucheron, for example, although highly popular, are hard to find because everyone wants one. But Omnēque also offers marvelous jewelry that was not made by famous brands, or not even designer-made at all. Deco jewelry, for example, as well as items from the ‘60s and ‘70s, is very much sought-after. We have customers who are always asking for something different and unique and this is what attracts them to vintage because it is highly unlikely that someone else will have the same piece. Then there is also the question of sustainability and recycling which is making vintage very popular. Without forgetting, however, to continue to support the next generation of jewelers, otherwise, in the future, we will no longer be speaking of vintage



«Auverture is a multi-brand platform for contemporary fine jewelry and that is why we always try to be accessible, transparent and inclusive. Our mission is to create a community by putting people together through jewelry. By giving vintage jewelry new life, we are highlighting our commitment towards a responsible luxury industry as well as celebrating history, passion and craftsmanship. Vintage jewelry’s increasing popularity is due to many factors but it is mainly linked to the fact that the pandemic has radically changed the way we consume and spend. According to a recent study, the “re-sale” market is predicted to reach 51 billion dollars by 2023 and will represent 10% of the retail market in view of luxury consumers who were already highly evolved before the pandemic. These consumers are mainly young, technology-savvy and, above all, when it comes to luxury buying, they make their choices by bearing in mind a model of circular consumption, as well as, of course, paying attention to style that often sees a vintage item worn together with a contemporary jewel. There is also another factor not to be underestimated: the rediscovery of classic jewelry, which reminds us just how much taste and sophistication are still in demand. This, however, does not imply overshadowing the role that contemporary jewelry plays in the new world of values on the customer and product sides alike. However, without a doubt, vintage jewelry is still the yardstick with which all the rest is measured.» 

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