Yellow Tiffany & Co.

Tiffany & Co.'s legendary 128.54 Tiffany Diamond painted the city of Milan in the colors of dawn

New York painted in the colors of dawn. A taxi pulls up at 727 Fifth Avenue, dropping off a beautiful Audrey Hepburn who, as Holly Golightly, pauses to admire the window of Tiffany & Co., sipping coffee and eating a croissant. It is the unforgettable scene with which the movie Breakfast at Tiffany's (1961) begins. Unforgettable, just like the actress’s little black dress and spectacular necklace, embellished with a large yellow diamond, that forever sanctioned the link between fashion and jewelry. And that exact legendary diamond played the leading role at the “Yellow Is the New Blue” event with which Tiffany & Co. “painted” the city of Milan yellow last week at the event held to present its new high jewelry collection. At a private residence in the heart of the Milan, the famous Italian artist, Daniele Papuli, known for his ability to combine materials, space and places, created an evocative installation, a veritable Yellow Box - representing the new concept with which the company is committed to celebrating the beauty of each diamond and the mastery of its craftsmen, of which the 128.54-carat Tiffany Diamond is the supreme emblem. One of the largest and most extraordinary yellow diamonds in the world, it was acquired in 1877 by founder, Charles Lewis Tiffany, in rough form weighing 287.42 carats, and then cut into a cushion diamond weighing 128.54. Currently mounted on a necklace with white diamonds weighing over 100 carats, the stone has a total of 82 facets, 24 more than the usual 58 of a typical brilliant-cut diamond. Its elegant cushion shape is a work of unparalleled beauty and inimitable craftsmanship.


Tiffany Daniele Papuli

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