Yoga Applied to Jewelry

The heart and infinity symbol are two eternal figures chosen by Yana Nesper to create a new multi-functional amulet

The eternal symbols of infinity and the heart are the figures chosen by Yana Nesper to ennoble pearl in a new and highly meaningful creation: “The Middle”, the name of the new multi-functional amulet that has a lot to say. Having always been devoted to experimental and playful research, in order to revive the beauty of pearls with an innovative twist, the designer has sought new inspiration in yoga, something she has been practicing for more than ten years, to create a unique jewel that englobes all the spirituality of the famous oriental discipline. Inspired by the lotus position, the pendant is a precious pyramid-shaped composition. The infinity symbol and heart, which represent our energetic center, are joined by small diamonds. A bright South Sea pearl sits on top. Worn with a 90 cm, 18k yellow gold chain, the front part is in yellow gold while the back is in white gold and can also be rotated. This means that it can be worn in three different ways: totally in yellow gold, white gold or two colors. The “pearl designer” thus gives us yet another new idea made of natural elegance that celebrates unconventional beauty, minimalism and high quality.


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