Vendorafa's Entrepreneurial Adventure and Life

‘Tradition, creativity and handcrafting excellence are the pillars on which we found our deep belief in the power of made in Italy. Our goal is to create iconic signs of beauty that will perpetuate over time as witnesses of our timeless heritage’ 

  • dune sapphires cuff and ring

    dune sapphires cuff and ring

This is how Augusto Ungarelli, co-founder with his designer wife, Daniela Lombardi, of the Vendorafa brand, sums up his entrepreneurial adventure and life. From the Fifties to present day, starting from a small artisan workshop in Valenza, the heart of Italian gold art, certain things have never changed. The passion and desire to seek his own route, affirming a strong artisan identity  as an iconic brand of ‘Italian beautiful and well done’ are still the same. Other important factors, on the other hand, are now the result of a change, not only at Vendorafa, but also within the jewelry world: advanced technologies and a vigorous commitment to sustainability. Vendorafa has been awarded the RJC certificate that attests the company’s  ‘good practices’ from an ethical, social and environmental point of view. Acting as the cornerstone to all this are the company’s two key spirits: on the one side, its collections, creations with audacious shapes, inspired by nature or abstracts, but always marvelously intricate and unique, while on the other, close collaboration with big international brands with which Vendorafa designs, plans and produces collections that have left their mark in time. An icon of the brand’s unique style is the Dune collection, created almost by chance, on the beaches of Dubai during a work break. The perfect balance between volume, light and color that distinguishes the collection is nothing more than the transposition in material of the effect of the sun’s rays on sand obtained by the superb manual skills of master craftsmen in Valenza. An example of how the emotion of the moment can be transfixed onto a sheet of gold.

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