Amazon Italy: E-Commerce Lesson

Francesco Semeraro, manager for the made in Italy section of, will be featured at one of the Digital Talks, explaining how the leading marketplace worldwide is working with the jewelry industry


How and why was Amazon’s made in Italy section created? 
«Currently, the made in Italy showcase is the only Amazon marketplace dedicated to products from a single country, except for a small selection of Spanish food-and-wine products and some Mexican crafts. The reason for this one-of-a-kind section is simple. Made in Italy is now a brand recognized throughout the world, for all types of product categories. The program was launched in 2015, and today, it hosts 72,000 products from more than 700 Italian SMEs and artisans. The showcase is open to the national market as well as to countries like France, England, Germany, Spain, the U.S, and Japan, and it will surely expand. The regional stores will also expand—they currently offer products from Sardinia, Sicily, Campania, Calabria, Piedmont, Tuscany and Florence, and from in and around Bergamo and Vicenza. The categories? There are eleven, including clothing, accessories, food & wine, home design, products for children, and, of course, jewelry».

How is jewelry performing in terms of e-commerce, and what is the potential?
«In our made in Italy showcase, there are jewelry brands in various price ranges, from entry level with fashion jewelry to custom one-off pieces, but we can do a lot more especially in the high end where people are still very reluctant. This is why we are working to guarantee products that are 100% authentic, and we are working with companies from the various districts and industry associations. This is the route we’ve been taking for a while with other markets, like in the U.S. where we carry out specific checks and each product goes through an ‘audit’ process before being released on the marketplace. I would say that compared to the fashion or food & wine industries, jewelry is only now entering this world. This is why it is important to start the journey together, finding the best way to approach a market that still needs to be built.»

Amazon at VICENZAORO for the second time: what are the news of this edition? 
«VICENZAORO is strategic for us in terms of strengthening e-commerce in the jewelry industry. We are here for the second time at Digital Talks, like back in January, and now with a space open to anyone who wants to learn more about the topic and perhaps become part of our portfolio. Our priority is to allow people to get to know us, and that is why there is an account manager at the stand ready to answer doubts or questions.  This is a unique opportunity to work together to evaluate the potential for development for each product. In this regard, we can say that this is absolutely the first time that Amazon, which began as a self-service company, is doing something like this, ‘mentoring’ potential suppliers. And because online image is important for establishing a relationship of trust with the buyer and showing the product characteristics, we also offer support for anyone who wants to improve in this area, with professional photographers on site to give practical tips.»

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