Reversible Fashion, with Les Georgettes

Less than 3 years to become a success in the costume bijoux. It’s Les Georgettes time, now in Milan

Fashion world is always running, and the last trend is to create reversible accessories, starting from bijoux. One of the most original concept has been created by Maison Altesse and Texier. In November 2015, from the collaboration of these two French fashion houses - both Manufacturing Companies of Living Heritage -, the first leader for the production of costume jewelery, the second of leather accessories, the Les Georgettes project was born. An original concept, registered and patented, which is characterized by the numerous collections of customizable bijoux, finished in reversible and interchangeable leather. In practice, the leather core of bracelets, rings, earrings and pendants comes off, turns and in a second allows you to change the color of the bijoux, adapting it to the dress, the accessory, the mood of the day. In just three years, following the success of the celebrity world, Les Georgettes has conquered an international market, and after the opening of the first mono-brand boutique in Paris, in the à la page district of Les Marais, today opens an elegant corner inside the Brian & Barry Building, in via Durini 28 in Milan. Just in the heart of the Italian fashion capital.

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