The International Appeal of Inspiration Jewels

From Casa Batlló in Barcelona to the pagodas of Myanmar, all the way to Jumeirah in Dubai: the Valenza-based Inspiration Jewels brand features the whole world in its creations

Embarking upon a path that leads to where dreams and desires are transformed into precious tangibility. This was Riccardo Greco’s vision. This young designer from the Inspiration Jewels brand (which launched last year) is participating at VicenzaOro with a space in The Design Room. This 32-year-old gemologist trained with GIA in New York,  and has managed to express his love for travel with jewelry creations featuring a great deal of character. They have all of the allure of different cultures and philosophies in their minute, meticulous details.

How and when did Inspiration Jewels start?

I decided to launch it about a year ago, after I finished my gemology and design studies at GIA in New York and London. However, my family has many years of experience in the jewelry industry.  We are from Valenza, after all.

The jewels are crafted by expert artisans in Valenza, but they have a truly international appeal…

I have always traveled and this has allowed me to broaden my horizons. The jewels that I create take inspiration from the cultures that are closest to my heart. We’ve created twelve collections, and each one picks up on architectural elements and iconic symbols of these places or Asian philosophies that I appreciate.

Can you give us some examples?

The line dedicated to Barcelona that celebrates works by Gaudí, using enamel, gold and precious stones. This is one of the most popular. Then there’s the ring inspired by Iceland that brings to mind the movement and colors of the aurora borealis, a phenomenon I haven’t seen yet. Or there is the Pagoda ring that picks up on the shapes of the famous Buddhist sites in Myanmar. 

It seems like you have a preference for colorful stones…

As a gemologist, I love all stones. I certainly am passionate about colorful ones. The variety of nuances has a true narrative quality and brings a contemporary twist to jewelry.

What is the big challenge for the future?

I want to make a product that is always new and different and that makes people feel something.

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