Unconventional Ways of Buying Jewels

Vending machines and virtual actions as a global business. These are the new frontiers of jewelry sales





Vending machine: the travelling idea
«Every idea comes from another idea. Two years ago, while travelling in Japan, I was struck by the obsessive presence of automatic vending machines. They were everywhere and sold everything. Back in New York, I began to imagine one for my jewelry. No sooner said than done! In December 2017 we installed the rst machine in The Brooklyn Museum, and a second one at the William Vale Hotel, again in Brooklyn». Speaking about the origin of this bizarre new idea in the world of jewelry is Marla Aaron, who certainly knows how to transform off-the-cuff ideas into some- thing tangible and extremely creative. «My brand can be found in over 40 countries, but retail sales have recently undergone a revolution, and knowing how to surprise the customer, in unexpected ways and places, makes the di erence. I see this adventure as only the beginning. At the moment we offer 12 products ranging from 100 to 1,500 $, with a total value, in one location, of between 30 and 50,000 $». And the public’s curiosity seems to have been considerably aroused from the start with lengthy interaction at the displays to discover the content and bijoux. And to buy. To put it plainly, a do-it-yourself version of a traditional store, appearing in a chic cultural contest like a museum and an avant-garde hotel.

Catawiki: business at a click

Selling and buying at an on-line jewelry or watch auction, perhaps for tens of thousands of Euros. Something unimaginable just a short time ago, but now, this kind of transaction is guaranteed every step of the way with just the one risk, so to speak, that of actually getting a bargain. Introducing us to the world of on-line auctioning is Dalila Daffara, one of Catawiki’s 15 jewelry experts and the only reference for the Italian jewelry market. «We hold 23 auctions every week divided by type, theme and price range, 16 of which are dedicated to old and vintage jewelry. Goods range from Premium, from 250 to 1,000 €, to Exclusive, from 1,000 € and over, with over 60 lots at a time. A significant brand and designer turnover, something to suit all budgets, with advantages for everyone: those selling are guaranteed visibility on a global scale and are only obliged to ship the product once Catawiki has received payment. While those buying know that every lot has been approved by an expert and that customer service is available to respond to all kinds of requests. Auctions begin every Friday and last from 4 to 10 days: they can even start from 1 € and some have no reserve price because an ‘engagement’ mechanism is installed between the bidders that causes the price to rise higher than the seller expectations. Who are the sellers and bidders? Those putting items up for auction are private sellers, dealers, independent designers and also companies, sometimes even the big players in haute joaillerie, that create lines or items of great commercial appeal for Catawiki. On the other side, we nd enthusiasts in search of the piece they have been dreaming of their whole life, collectors, dealers and, why not, bargain hunters looking for a golden opportunity. What they all have in common is the certainty of non-mainstream but well nished and thrilling jewelry. If we speak of trends, however, the men’s segment is certainly on the increase which, in terms of product type - watches in first place -, is something close to pure collecting. And then, men buy (and spend) a lot on themselves.»




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