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Fratelli Dinacci, Between Tradition and Modernity

Reliability, tradition and constant ambition: Flavio Dinacci talks about his company’s contemporary calling

Fratelli Dinacci is a company with its main base in Naples, in the historical via Grande Orefici, where the know-how and artisan techniques of the Neapolitan goldsmith tradition is handed down, and a second location inside the Tarì, the famous gold and jewelry district that hosts a vast group of industrial-oriented companies. Two strategic positions that well express the contemporary nature of a company that has always specialized in the manufacture of jewelry mountings and which is skilled in offering modern and innovative products while never forgetting tradition. But what characteristics are needed these days in order to be a competitive and, at the same time, reliable, partner? We spoke with Flavio Dinacci, third generation in this family-run business and its CEO for about thirty years. 

What are the fundamental elements of Dinacci’s know-how?
Our company not only specializes in producing jewelry mountings, we also cast precious metals and produce assays. We are the only company in the Tarì district that also recovers residue generated by jewelry cleaning and mounting. We have an Italian clientele that has been loyal for many years and which has always appreciated our reliability and skill. I believe these are the values that have led us to become a reference point within the sector. 

How has mounting production changed in 3 decades?
We produce quite a classic product. In recent years, we have been doing more turned and mirror-polished work and have also made our mountings lighter, particularly since the increase in the price of gold. But this also reflects a need that new lifestyles are demanding. The jewelry of yesteryear often weighed in at 30 grams, but with today’s rhythms, it is inconceivable that a dynamic woman, who loves to travel, would ever wear such heavy earrings. 

Doesn’t making the mounting lighter also make an item less valuable? 
While removing a few grams doesn’t make jewelry less valuable, it does make it more wearable, and, if precious stones are added, the value is still high. 

Do you often make mountings for large precious stones?
We have made mountings for 15 or 20 carat diamonds. I unmounted a 60-carat emerald once. 

What is the most difficult mounting to make?
The most difficult of all is the tennis necklace. Creating a mounting that does not twist and that stays in place on the neck is no simple matter. It is an item that we excel in, at least that is what our clients tell us. 

How do you choose the brand’s ambassadors?
Our new ambassador is Fabiana Pastorino, Miss Italia curvy 2016. A beautiful woman who is also sporty and active. Our ambassadors must ideally have class, elegance and a sporting style to represent our products.

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