In Conversation with Yan Jiang

The designer has launched a new capsule collection with a campaign that express the difficult year that has just ended

The research conducted by Yan Jiang, founder of Yan Jiang Studio, launched in Zurich in 2019, is both experimental and empirical. The Chinese designer loves to capture the authenticity of unconventional materials to transform them into new textures for very original jewelry. As in “Rope”, the collection we had already talked about here, the new 2021 capsule collection “Bubble wrap” also aims to transform everyday materials into experimental textures for new jewels: «We experiment on matter to release its potential and simulate new textures. This collection aims to bring attention to unnoticed objects. Since playing with materials is our approach, each piece is handcrafted in resin in our studio in Zurich.» The new pieces are told by a very special campaign expressing the difficult year that we have just passed. «Through the new story of the “Dinner for one” campaign, we wanted to interpret the time spent in 2020, restoring the power of the image.»

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