Meet the Buyer: Lido Jewelers

Forty years to create a true point of reference in Puerto Rico, Lido Jewelers. Here a one-to-one interview with the Founder and President Isaac Demel

  • Isaac Demel

    Isaac Demel

«My career in the industry began when I was a young man in my Father’s jewelry store. That’s where I learned the trade and began to appreciate the beauty and joy of the business. In 1982, fresh out of Business School in New York, I opened my store, Lido Jewelers, in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Without realizing it, I established what is now called a “Fine Designer Jewelry Store” when the concept of “designer” jewelry did not exist. I understood that the jewelry business is highly competitive and in order for me to succeed, I had to offer my clientele unusual pieces that they did not already own and also were not found in stores nearby. It has been almost four decades since we opened and I can tell you that this business is still full of surprises. When you think there can’t be anything new out there, it surprises you and presents itself. When I began selling designer jewelry, there was no branding, the designer’s name was no important. Recently, I am looking into large, bold pieces with color. Not necessarily encrusted with diamonds, but a gorgeous and simple design that can endure time and high quality in materials used. It is also not a matter of price. For example, we now carry a designer from Ireland, Grainne Morton. Her pieces are handmade with “found” antique elements; miss-matched earrings, so original. I also love the simplicity of Antonini Milano and the artisanal hand-hammered look of 24 karat pure gold designed by a Turkish Company named Ara. We are also working with Moritz Glik and love his modern and playful approach with precious stones. My main market? The spectrum of clients is too broad to answer this properly since they range from professionals, artists, travelers and influencers. Our goal is to achieve a special connection with them, understanding their wishes and helping them connect with that special piece of jewelry. If we want to talk about market mainstream, I can say that they do not exist for me. Jewelry is one of the most enduring forms of personal expression that we have. Whether it’s a diamond necklace, or a simple ring made out of wood with gold, it doesn’t make a difference. Jewelry makes the wearer instantly feel more confident and put together.»

  • Shaill Jhaveri's Mosaïque key necklace

    Shaill Jhaveri's Mosaïque key necklace

  • Precious and semiprecious stone necklace, Ara 24KT collection

    Precious and semiprecious stone necklace, Ara 24KT collection

  • Ear jacket Eye earrings in yellow gold, diamonds and turquoise beads, Netali Nissim

    Ear jacket Eye earrings in yellow gold, diamonds and turquoise beads, Netali Nissim

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