All The Beautiful Women of Jewelry

On women's day, a tribute to all the wonderful jewelry designers, able to combine creative intent, business and social commitment

Sensitivity and fragility (understood in its most positive meaning) are among the characteristics that have always made every woman special. This is nothing new: being women often means being able to empathize more with others, to know how to listen more, to be able to understand more. Skills that, when combined with creative flair and social commitment, have allowed many jewelry designers to launch incisive messages and offer important contributions that go beyond the normal activity of creating and selling jewelry. This article aims to celebrate all the beautiful women who populate the world of jewelry, helping to make it a sector that is increasingly open to philanthropy.

Starting with Alice Cicolini who on the occasion of this International Women's Day is launching a new limited edition bracelet in collaboration with Auverture: 100% of the proceeds for each bracelet sold will go to the SmartWorksCharity association.

Then there is Awe Inspired, led by Jill Johnson to whom we have dedicated this article.

But there are many other women who, in addition to making beautiful jewels, inspire us with their stories and missions. We mention only a few, since the list would be very long.
Suhani Parekh, Founder of Misho. The designer carves each piece of jewelry by hand, which is then cast in silver or gold plated. Her style is contemporary and innovative, sophisticated but also accessible. Suhani recently launched a series in collaboration with Post for Change for her #EndColorism campaign.
Jacquie Aiche who in her Beverly Hills studio, referred to by insiders as “Jacquie’s Bungalow,” used to holds regular restorative sound bath sessions and wellness events there. Jacquie manually selects the crystals and precious stones to use, sourced from all over the world. She charges the crystals under the full moon while she is barefoot in the garden: a special ritual to clean the gems and purify their vibration.
Cathy Waterman makes her handmade jewelry in Santa Monica with recycled 22k gold and platinum and ethically sourced diamonds and gemstones. As a good Californian, she is inspired by nature, trying to enclose its power in hand-engraved talismans, beautiful stacking rings and fringe diamond necklaces. Her pieces have been worn by Gwyneth Paltrow, Michelle Obama, Nicole Kidman and Regina King.
Temple St Clair, born in Virginia, founded her line in 1986 in Florence, Italy, beginning her collaboration with some of the world's finest artisans. Her iconic rock crystal amulets, one of her earliest designs, remains the most popular. Temple is a consummate philanthropist and is dedicated to environmental conservation.
Jacqueline Rabun, an American designer based in London. Her refined and contemporary style is deeply connected to her personal experience as an African-American woman
Lauren Harwell Godfrey, Founder of the established Californian brand Harwell Godfrey, she is a great supporter of the Black Lives Matter movement.
Moreoevr, Emily P. Wheeler, Monica Sordo, Pippa Small, who are all engaged in ethical production, "friend" of the environment and of the various players in the supply chain.

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  • Emily P. Wheeler

    Emily P. Wheeler

  • Cathy Waterman

    Cathy Waterman

  • Harwell Godfrey

    Harwell Godfrey

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    Jaqueline Rabun

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    Jacquie Aiche

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    Pippa Small

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