Carnet de Voyage Pret-à-Porter

At JCK in Las Vegas to discover the latest creations by MLM, the brand belonging to Maureen Maris, the eclectic designer who gives shape to Nature and her thousand travel suggestions

She discovered her love for stones and their transformation in Amsterdam. In Florence she got to know them. In Crete she gave them value with her style. This is the summary of Maureen Maris’s curriculum vitae: born in the Dutch city, she qualified in gemmology in Tuscany and then moved to the Greek island to bring her brand to life. And here, in the cradle of western culture, Maureen draws on the origins of goldsmith art, using the lost wax technique, shaping and refining every item thanks to collaboration with master craftsmen and stonecutters. Precious pieces, not only due to the raw material used, but also the artisan quality that goes into their making, as in the case of the much-loved pavé, the maximum expression of the daring nature of the designer’s style as she gets the most out of the stones, revealing contrasting colors and original shades. Details that enhance surprising, yet never banal, lines that can, however, be worn every day, not just for special occasions. “Jewelry should always be enjoyed, at any moment”, says Maureen, whether with jeans or matched to an important dress. As the large flower rings, with their apparent grand soiréè, prove by being suitable for simple daily attire. The flowers, as many other recurring themes in the creative imagination of MLM, recall the world of Nature, a deep source of inspiration, together with suggestions that the versatile designer knows how to collect in her travels around the world. In sophisticated yet authentic Capri, in elegant Parisian streets, in exotic Caribbean islands or in the shade of cherry trees in Kyoto. A carnet de voyage just waiting to be worn. Always.

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