'New Looks' by VicenzaOro and Amazon

A new reference point for jewelry made in Italy, created by IEG and the largest worldwide e-commerce player

At the moment there are 25 entrepreneurs, goldsmiths and artisans, for a total of over 3,100 products, but it is to be wagered that the members of the project will soon grow in number. We are talking about 'New looks selected at VICENZAORO', a new section of Amazon. It's Made in Italy showcase – the market place with more than 70,000 Italian products made by over 700 local artisans and small and medium-sized Italian companies of different categories (food, wine, design, fashion,…) - dedicated to the jewelry world, born from a collaboration between two leaders, the online sales giant on one side and Italian Exhibition Group on the other. Four predefined sections - earrings, bracelets, rings and necklaces - which constitute a real point of reference, for those who want to choose the quality of made in Italy. «The opening of a showcase dedicated to the Jewelry world is a further confirmation of Amazon's commitment to promoting Italian values ​​not only in our country, but also abroad: the Italian jewelery tradition has important peculiarities and is characterized by the excellence of materials, style and design, and we are happy to allow our customers to count on an even wider selection in this category,» said Ilaria Zanelotti, Head of Marketplace at Amazon.it. «The jewelery and jewelery industry has a high potential: it represents one of the leading manufacturing sectors in the promotion of Made in Italy in the world, which in the first quarter of this year saw export growth of 3.3% *, for a total value exceeding € 1.5 billion. We want to support Italian companies, artisans and workshops in this sector, providing them with the tools to grow and reach more and more customers and new markets.» Marco Carniello, Director of the Jewelery & Fashion division of Italian Exhibition Group, comments: «Digitization plays a key role throughout the supply chain, and very often contributes to the success of companies. With this collaboration IEG demonstrates once again that an event model like the one proposed by VICENZAORO is absolutely in line with the current needs of the market and all the operators in the supply chain, whether they are off or online, and confirms our role as business hub for the sector by providing operators with the right tools to succeed in an ever-changing world. Thanks to this synergy, even the small artisan companies producing Italian-made jewelery will be able to count on the path proposed by Amazon to support the digitization of their business through e-commerce.»

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