Outsidelounge: the Galleria Rossini at Fuorisalone

A PLEASANT ENCOUNTER IN GALLERIA ROSSINI with one-of-a-kind jewels from all over the world

  • Tenore Maria, Serie Tubes, Necklace

    Tenore Maria, Serie Tubes, Necklace

Design Week is coming to a close with a Fuorisalone that turned the corner on its first twenty years with an edition that proved to be particularly effervescent. Among the most significant new entries is the Outsidelounge Monte Nero project, an initiative that aims to involve the stores in the Viale Monte Nero area, including Galleria Rossini, which specializes in art jewelry and will be offering a highly varied selection of unique items from Italy and the world until April 28th. The artists involved are not necessarily goldsmiths but authentic talents who have been interpreting jewelry in an experimental and contemporary key for years. Engravers, sculptors, designers transform their works into veritable jewelry to be worn and admired. Gallery owners Marco Rossini and Marina Chiocchetta recognize the value of the artists: their story, path and design, and have made space for an exhibition where art and jewelry meet in a harmonious, colorful and creative union. Brazil, America, Egypt, Chile and Italy are just some of the countries of origin of the designers that you can encounter in the gallery on Saturday 21st as of 5 pm. A not-to-be-missed appointment to speak with the creators and admire their productions. Precious creations that do not stop in front of tradition but are the results of constant artistic research and new viewpoints.

  • Hania Kuzbari, Smile

    Hania Kuzbari, Smile

  • Sica Flora, Tonietta, Chairs series

    Sica Flora, Tonietta, Chairs series

  • Toraldo Rossella, Flusso, Rings

    Toraldo Rossella, Flusso, Rings

  • Negrelli Anna, atlets together

    Negrelli Anna, atlets together

  • Paola Oregioni, Half cup

    Paola Oregioni, Half cup

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