The Plus 50: Digital Tools

Shapr, BSPK, Stilnest, Bontex, Alo, Boucheron: the revolutionary names around the digital world

4.0 industry? It begins with apps that design in 3D and continues on to algorithms able to “cut” extraordinary jewels. And then, to enhance them, there is the high-tech light box for a professional snapshot with a click as well as Product Life Manager consultancy that selects the most suitable Cloud Solution for the brand. And from level 4.1, 4.0 is only an instant away. 

Lectra, Shapr, BSPK, Stilnest, Bontex, Alo, Boucheron


Who István Csanády, Founder and Ceo
Where Budapest
Why An Apple Design Award-winning app for iPad, that combines intuitive modeling

 Shapr3D can be defined as a freemium app, whose modeling tools are not paid until what has been drawn in 3D, by simply using the i-Pad pencil, does not migrate to another software. Among the supporters of the startup, important venture capital companies including Point9 Capital, InReach, Lifeline Ventures, and Creandum, which at the time launched Spotify.


Who Zornitza Stefanova, Founder and Ceo
Where Menlo Park, California, Usa
Why Building loyalty by connecting the dots in the clients' shopping journey

 A digital engagement and social platform used by some of the world's most famous luxury brands to get high value transactions. BSPK connects clients with sales advisors from the store website or in-store via mobile chat and video, driving sales and improving client retention.


Who Julian Leitloff, Co-founder
Where Berlin
Why A true enfant prodige, that by the age of 14 has been launching and leading projects related to the world of finance

In 2013, at the age of 22, Julian Leitloff founded Stilnest, an e-commerce business at the service of young creative talents. The aim is to ease digital development and the 3D creation of new collections as well as to convey the related storytelling correctly and as effectively as possible. A sort of virtual boutique available to the global market for exclusive pieces signed by established designers or some ready to “blast off”. Success was not long in coming, along with the first million investment, signed by IBB and Klingel Group, and the inclusion in the "30 under 30" ranking by Forbes. Welldeserved recognition for a young man who, at the age of 14, obtained his first sponsorship from none other than Adobe. 


Who Federico Bonetti, Founder and Ceo
Where Milan
Why AlphashotMICRO is the most advanced machine to automate jewelry and watch photography

 A reference point for automated photography in the textile and fashion sectors, Bontex revolutionizes the jewelry industry with AlphashotMICRO, the most advanced machine for automating jewelry and watch photography, the only one with cylindrical Led lights in sectors for lighting up reflective surfaces and precious stones to perfection. Equipped with iQmask technology, it can generate a precise profile of the jewel as it takes the shot and obtain still-life photos and 360° presentations on a transparent background, eliminating, in 90% of cases, postproduction in order to improve shop-online, conversions and increase social contacts.

Alo Zone

Who Marco Carboni, Ceo
Where Arezzo, Italy
Why To create the best conditions for jewelry photography

 It is called Photo Sphere and is a revolutionary and sophisticated machine made by Doma Automation in Arezzo, which allows users to visualize and photograph jewels 360°. Thanks to cutting-edge technology, this innovative light box allows you to take still-lifes in 10 seconds, videos in 20 seconds, and animations and 3D renderings in just a few minutes. It guarantees high-level photographic results, captures the design of the jewel in just the right light, and allows the customer to truly “experience” the piece in all of its facets. With a sphere that rotates 360°, the ability to frame multidimensional images, and Led light panels, it is a revolutionary all-in-one solution.


Who Claire Choisne, Creative Director
Where Paris
Why Bringing creative research into a new dimension

7,000 titanium stems grafted with over 5,000 diamonds and 2,000 glass marbles simulating dew drops. Created using an algorithm specifically designed by a programmer, the Nuage en Apesanteur necklace took two years to make. Cutting-edge technology at the service of made-to-measure expertise. 

  • Claire Choisne

    Claire Choisne

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    Marco Carboni

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