The Retail Issue

This new listing of VO+ analyzes the evolution of the retail world. It defines the current perimeter in which companies, retail outlets, e-commerce platforms and international brands move, providing the technological tools to intercept new consumer needs

With this new listing, VO+ devotes ample space to the evolution underway in the retail and distribution world, analyzing the new scenarios in which the luxury sector now finds itself. Seven macro-categories have been identified to define the current perimeter within which companies, points of sale, e-commerce platforms and international brands move, so that they have all the technological tools to intercept the new needs of a consumer who has radically changed his propensity to buy. Added to this is the need for physical stores to work with an omnichannel perspective, which is essential if they want to continue to be competitive on the market and find those “bridge” solutions that guarantee business continuity, with hybrid physical and digital models. A listing that also gives space to those small businesses that focus instead on the physical experience to be gained in the store and to those that make the customer journey their core business. So, the customer is always at the center, whether it is an individual who wants to be in a position to purchase a product in the most optimal way, or a company that needs to find 4.0 languages and solutions. Lastly, there is no shortage of our case histories, in other words, small companies that have been on our radar for some time and that still stand out for their constant growth and innovative thinking.

1. Why Physical. Why Now?

2. Bridging Between Physical and Digital

3. Customer Journey

4. Tools For Companies

5. Tools For Retailers

6. The Rebel

7. Case History


1. Metaverse: A virtual environment, shared on the Internet, in which people are represented in three dimensions through their avatar. 

2. Clienteling: A marketing strategy which focuses on loyalty and close contact with consumers in order to increase sales. 

3. Retailtainment: The use of forms of entertainment to create an often playful and engaging customer experience. 

4. Casualization: Producing more "casual" jewelry, in line with the trends that have been influencing luxury product demand in recent years. 

5. Omnichannel: Synergistic management of all communication channels, whether physical or digital, and customer touchpoints to enhance the brand experience. 

6. Phygital: Literally "physical plus digital", or rather, that new dimension that joins the physical and digital universes. 

7. Saas: Software as a Service allows users to connect to cloud-based Apps via the Internet. 

8. Smart Data: A set of intelligent data that companies identify and extract from the huge mass of big data collected. 

9. Customer Journey: The journey a customer makes in his relationship with a company, with online and offline stop-offs. Fundamental for omnichanneling.

10. Drive to Store: A set of actions for managing the online contact point between the brand and the potential customer in order to increase visits and sales in physical stores.

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