VO+ Magazine Goes Live

VO+ magazine enters the full ferment of VOICE, to deepen the hottest topics of jewelry. Federica Frosini - Editor in Chief - meets some of the most influential voices in the sector. 
We will talk about the jewel of the future, the new digitalization processes of the related industries, and then about natural and synthetic diamonds and Made in Italy products. 

Here is the program:
Sunday 14.00 - Paolo Bettinardi for Better Silver 

Sunday 14.30 - Donatella Zappieri 

Sunday 15.00 - Gabriella Centomo for Fairline 

Sunday 15.30 - Lanfranco Beleggia for Bros 

Sunday 17.00 - Cameo Italiano presents his new book. Multum in Parvo dedicated to the world of cameos. Author Cristina del Mare 

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