VOICE, the new format by IEG and Vicenzaoro, is born

From 12th to 14th September, Vicenza will be hosting the first jewelry summit, at the Expo Center and in the city, to give voice to the entire gold-jewelry industry

Called VOICE - Vicenzaoro International Community Event – it will be the industry’s first event in anticipation of a total trade show re-boot with Vicenzaoro January 2021. 
A new exhibition format, announced today by IEG Italian Exhibition Group and Vicenzaoro, to be held in Vicenza from 12th to 14th September 2020. VOICE will be a live gathering of all the gold and jewelry sector to relaunch business and export activities around the world and mark the entire industry’s re-start. Three full days for an extraordinary format to be staged at Vicenza’s Expo Centre and within the territory, from Saturday 12th to Monday 14th September. In a season where the sector’s trade shows have been deeply affected, all either postponed or cancelled, IEG is launching an event that comes from listening to companies, their willingness to resume trade show activities and relations with the national and international supply chain community. 
VOICE – in anticipation of a total trade show re-boot with Vicenzaoro January 2021 – will reunite the whole sector, live, taking advantage of important partnerships with the sector’s key players: the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Agenzia ICE - the Italian Trade Agency, Confindustria Federorafi, Confartigianato, CNA, Apindustria, Fedepreziosi Confcommercio, Assocoral and, on an international scale, CIBJO, the World Jewelry Confederation. 
VOICE will be a Summit where the Community will discuss the state of the industry and the upcoming challenges with opinion leaders: themes will include Sustainability, Trend & Design, Innovation & Technology with institutional moments and technical talks as well as content amplified by the main global trade media, bloggers and influencers in Made in Italy’s strategic markets. Events will unfold in several areas of Vicenza’s Expo Centre and cutting-edge integration with the most sophisticated television broadcasting systems and digital instrumentation will ensure that all the talks and seminars will be live on-line and also viewable in streaming on Youtube, Instagram and FB to be available all over the world. 
VOICE will also be one big showroom where supply chain companies will be able to present their new collections, latest design trends and most contemporary procedure and processing innovations. Outfitting will have a highly effective look & feel: an elegant and essential context will welcome the buyers physically participating in the event. However, for those from countries with difficulties in travelling to Italy, the ‘Buyer Virtual Room’ project will be set up by which a series of meetings can be scheduled by exhibitors and buyers themselves through the IMOP I-EG Meeting Omnichannel Platform. 
The VOICE event will also be extended to the spectacular artistic setting of Vicenza city with VIOFF, Vicenzaoro’s Off Show event, this time entitled “THE NEW GOLDEN WAY”. VOICE and VIOFF together will generate an exceptional combination of business and culture able to attract traders from all over the world, now liberated from the lockdown, to the city and the Veneto region. The event’s main Sponsor will be UBI Banca, which has already flanked IEG at past editions of Ororarezzo, Gold Italy and at Vicenzaoro January 2020. 
The naming ‘VOICE’ identifies a product that, as it suggests, will give voice to the jewelry world, acting as a trend inversion and economic reactivation point. The initial letter “V” symbolizes a rebound, a return to growth. And with its horizontal underscore, the “V” also resembles a “tick”, that graphic sign that defines the fulfilment of an action. IEG is therefore innovating, organizing and acting with positivity and responsibility. And VOICE does the same, for companies, for the whole sector and for Made in Italy.

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