X Diamond: The Jewel of the Future

At Vicenzaoro, Hall 7 stand 922, the exclusive presentation of the new jewelry brand with lab-grown diamonds

X Diamond is the X Generation of diamonds, or rather, the latest evolution of the most popular stone of them all. The play on words is justifiable and its claim just about summarizes the essence of the new brand that is marking the arrival of a new phase in diamond jewelry, one that responds to the demand of the new generation of young buyers all over the world. The “Super High Tech Diamond” era has now become a reality and brings with it all the added values that are now a must, especially among the Millennials: cutting-edge technology, sustainability, contemporaneity and affordability. A diktat, especially in terms of affordability, because it opens new, previously unimaginable markets that, up until yesterday, saw buying an engagement ring as something particularly expensive. With X Diamond, you can now enjoy the pleasure of giving and wearing a lab-grown diamond that is physically and chemically 100% the same as a natural stone. In Italy, the appeal of this high-tech product seems mainly to attract customers in the Generation Y age bracket, that is, those born between 1980 and 2000.

Some real numbers? 63% of 2,000 buyers preferred a large High Tech diamond to a small, natural one (IGDA data, editor’s note). And among the Millennials in search of an engagement ring, 66% declared that they would not exclude buying a High Tech diamond while 23% confirmed having chosen a product with innovative characteristics.
And X Diamond collections, made of 375 gold and silver with High Tech diamonds, target these customers of the coming future. They will be available in two different positions: a classic one reminiscent of traditional models for important occasions, and another with a decisive touch of contemporary research and design.


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