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Schiaparelli and her artists

Schiaparelli and her artists

Schiaparelli website between fashion and art.

Schiaparelli just opened the ultimate art-meets-fashion online gallery. A new section which is part of the redesigned brand website dedicated to Schiaparelli’s pioneering role fusing fashion with art. It features 21 artists who have all worked with Schiaparelli – from Andy Warhol to Salvador Dali and Alberto Giacometti. Painting, photography, sculpture and illustration found its way into Haute Couture, embroidery, print, advertisement or jewelry and vice versa. From collaborations based on friendship to commissions or inspiration, it reveals how Schiaparelli’s creativity and innovative spirit has naturally blend disciplines at a time when crossovers between the worlds of fashion and art did not exist. To celebrate the opening of Schiaparelli’s art-meets-fashion e-gallery, creative talent Christian Borstlap was commissioned an exclusive animated cartoon highlighting a selection of these artists.


Here you can discover the online gallery

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