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A special award to Ornella bijoux designer

A special award to Ornella bijoux designer

A new award goes to the talented jewel designer Maria Vittoria Albani.

Maria Vittoria Albani, founder and owner of Ornella bijoux, is one of the 75 Italian art masters awarded with the recognition MAM - Master of Art and Craft, a special award dedicated to Italian excellence in 21 different categories of artistic craftsmanship: from ceramics to jewelry to wood and furniture and many other art expressions. Founded in 1944, Ornella bijoux is one of the most well known and prestigious brands in the world of Haute Couture custom handmade jewelry: brooches, rings, parure and crowns are all preciously handmade, custom-fitted with crafts ornaments. Design inspirations come from nature, the art-world and classical jewelry styles. Already awarded with the title of Bottega storica di Milano ( a prestigious title given to Milan’s historical important companies existing still today), Maria Vittoria Albani is a very talented and creative woman who continues its tradition of made in Italy creations which are entirely designed and crafted by her.

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