A new blonde Barbie

A new blonde Barbie

The Blonde Salad’s blogger Chiara Ferragni inspires a new Barbie Doll


The most followed Italian blogger Chiara Ferragni (now Los Angeles-based), a true icon of our days, is getting her own Barbie doll for the first time ever. The It-girl and fashion designer revealed it on her Instagram account a few days ago, sharing her excitement and infinite happiness: “My childhood dreams came true: they created my own Barbie (the one on the right) And @barbiestyle came to visit me in my Beverly Hills house #BarbieStyle #Barbie #TheBlondeSaladNeverStops #NeverEver,” she captioned. Barbie chose the Italian It-girl as her first-ever fashion blogger mini-me, cause ever since creating her blog and eponymous label, Ferragni has been growing out an empire that took her to be mentioned by Forbes as one of the 30 most successful individuals under 30 in 2015.



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