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"Colors" by Cameo Italiano: Stone Comes to Life

The historic Torre del Greco company, home of cameo work on shell, enters a new "era" by launching its first collection of cameos sculpted on lapis, clay, jade and agate

You know the classic cameos that bring out all the shades of carnelian, ranging from red-orange to dark brick red? Forget them! For generations, Cameo Italiano has been handing down the centuries-old tradition of handcrafted cameos, engraved, one by one, on shells. Unique pieces, each with its own character given by the natural shading on the engraved material as well as the workmanship that manages to exalt its individual particularities. But the historic Torre del Greco company, while still respecting a strong and unscathed heritage, has always been able to evolve and keep pace with the times and fashions. And it has decided to do so again now with an unprecedented collection of colored cameos hand-sculpted on mineral stones. Lapis, clay, jade and agate are therefore regenerated under a new light and form, giving life to unique and extraordinary creations. Hard stone, instead of tender shell, thus becomes a message that is, in its own way, universal, passing through fashions and generations: live life in color! A sort of claim that is also the name of the collection, Colors. The form is as brilliant as the creative idea due to an extraordinary eye-catching three-dimensionality and an aesthetic finesse that definitely does not go unnoticed.

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