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Fura Gems’ Rubies for China Stone

The important agreement recently signed between Fura Gems and Chinese supplier China Stone, marks a new milestone for the precious, colored gemstone sector

  • Dev Shetty Founder and CEO of Fura Gems

    Dev Shetty Founder and CEO of Fura Gems

Fura Gems' commitment to making the precious, colored gemstone sector more sustainable and ethical has reached a new milestone: a major partnership signed with China Stone, a leading precious stone supplier for the watch and jewelry industry. The agreement foresees Fura Gems providing a guaranteed supply, for an initial period of three years, of premium quality, rough rubies, ranging from 0.25 carats to 0.75 carats, complete with “Proof of Mine Origin” certificate attesting to the ethical extraction at Fura's Montepuez site in Mozambique. The reliable source of ethically mined gemstones will enable China Stone to offer its customers a “Chain of Custody” guaranteeing full traceability from mine to market. «We are delighted to announce this partnership with China Stone,» said an enthusiastic Dev Shetty, Founder and CEO of Fura Gems. «This collaboration addresses the demand for a reliable and consistent supply of ethically mined colored gemstones in the gems and jewelry sector. Like the diamond industry, the assurance of a consistent supply of colored gemstones will significantly boost demand from brands, large retailers and manufacturers. We are proud to share our exceptional rubies with the world through this collaboration.» An enthusiasm shared by Mr. Li, CEO of China Stone. «We are honored to partner with Fura and work with their outstanding rubies, confident that these gemstones will captivate our customers worldwide. The consistent supply of colored gemstones has been a significant challenge and we believe this collaboration will not only eliminate this challenge but also assist our clients in planning their production well in advance to meet demand. Additionally, we will utilize Fura’s colored gemstone training module to raise awareness among our staff and clients.»


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