High-Tech Management Experience by Art&sofT

Developed with the most cutting-edge technologies, CRM-ERP software by Art&sofT offers a new and exciting managerial experience

Simplify the virtual management of a jewelry and watch boutique in real time from a smartphone and tablet….. This is one of the duties of XOX (XtraOrdinary Xperience), the innovative application created by Art&sofTwhich offers a series of integrated solutions optimized for high-range jewelry stores and designed to ensure a complete and extremely user-friendly managerial experience.  Indeed, while omni-channeling is now able to provide many advantages retailers, including jewelers, who, in this way, can attract final users and gain their loyalty, in such a complex and vast system, these retailers need to arm themselves with the right software to efficiently collect and manage the data. Software like XOX CRM which not only traces warehouse stock, orders and supplies but also sales and interactions with regular and potential clients. XOX ERP, on the other hand, is a Web-based platform that assists the sales force at any time, both from a tablet or smartphone. In fact, optimizing the warehouse means knowing exactly what it contains, making the stock constantly usable and automatically synchronizing it to extend the offer to website users. With this software, Art&sofT manages repairs, estimates and quotes that can be made in real time using a tablet and on the move, interacting with the client even through instant messaging systems like WhatsApp. Every operation can be traced and consulted at any time to assess the performance of both users and customers. 

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