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The ePlay/Art&sofT Group: A Combination of Technology and Creativity

Technology regenerates creativity, creativity nourishes technology: this is the constant flow that brings ePlay/Art&sofT Group projects to life, a strategic partner for high-end companies in the jewelry sector

«The success of our customers is also ours.» A statement that well identifies the spirit of collaboration and passion with which ePlay/Art&sofT Group carries out all its activities. Known for being a reliable partner in the development and growth of marketing, sales and management projects for companies in the high-end jewelry sector, the Group continues along its expansion and innovation path to keep pace with an ever-changing market. «We are aware that we are part of a constantly changing process, which is why our management and creation methods are always being updated. The main qualities we pride ourselves on are flexibility and speed, skills that allow us to embrace all the innovations within the sector and therefore be able to offer an evolved service, in accordance with changing business needs.» In order to meet the challenges of the luxury market, the Group relies on teamwork that, by always being based on a technology and creativity combination, is able to devise an ad hoc path for each customer. It all begins in the creative department, which is tasked with constructing a narrative aimed at achieving pre-defined corporate objectives by designing a project based on textual communication of an emotional nature, combined with the aesthetic appeal of the visual. «Giving voice to the professional reality of a company is the mission of each of our artistic projects for which concrete steps and timeframes are established. Starting from an initial meeting with our customers, the creative idea takes shape and is then applied to the targets we wish to reach.» The next phase involves the work of technical specialists - developers and graphic designers - in the drafting of a graphic layout and its technical development. Digital communication specialists proceed in synergy to simultaneously carry out the development of coherent content: from the launch of sponsored marketing campaigns - Google Ads, IG and FB - to the creation of an editorial plan with which the desired objective is completed. A path that leads to achieving gradual and highly effective objectives, adaptable over time, to respect all the peculiarities of the digital marketing sector, which is constantly being updated.

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