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Auroform Monolith by Nutec International

Here’s how carat electroforming becomes simple, precise and guaranteed

It's just a matter of a few microns, but it does make a big difference. Especially when it comes to the finest of raw materials, gold. We are talking about electroforming, and in particular the electrodeposition process, which determines the weight and carat of the metal that makes up the jewel. These two processes must be extremely precise, perfect, in order to avoid the production of lower-fineness or higher-fineness pieces, respectively with less or greater quantities of precious metal coating than what is necessary and declared. A rather significant problem, especially in a historical moment like the present one, which in the last six months has witnessed the rise in prices of precious metals up to reach historical records several times. Who deals with jewelry knows this well, but fortunately, among the "insiders" there is someone who has tried to solve this problem for long. Italo Caoduro, owner of LTC Caoduro from Vicenza, and Simone Batti, founder of GAB from Arezzo, have joined their forces and know-how - the former on the so-called electrochemical and galvanic coating, the latter on electroforming - and have finally found a solution: Auroform Monolith by Nutec International. This machine boasts a type of technology covered by an international patent and stands out on the market for being the only one that is fully automated, thus making a plant operating 24/7. There’s no need of a highly specialized technician and the process can be monitored even remotely. And this is just the beginning, since once the production process has started, top quality, consistency and repeatability of the result are guaranteed, along with maximum savings in precious raw materials, lower maintenance and production costs. There is also a relevant eco-sustainable aspect deriving from rinse water recycling for replenishing chemicals, as well as an important reduction in the loss of precious metals. These characteristics have aroused interest both on domestic and foreign markets: to date, Nutec plants are already present in the Middle East, North Africa and Turkey, and are spreading in Thailand, Asia and India. All these countries are always attracted by the possibility of creating jewels featuring especially large volumes and gold-copper carat whose standards range from 8 to 22 kt, also including the special ones like 15.7 kt for the Asian market. But Nutec International is not only technology: the company also aims at supporting customers in the development and management of the electroforming project, staff training, plant commissioning and start of production. And last but not least, a big role is played by the Made in Italy genius and its appeal.

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