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Fairtrade and Fairmined Gold. What Do We Know?

The benefits for jewelers and manufacturers of safe, ethical and sustainable certifications. Desirée Binternagel, CEO of Fairever GmbH, tells us about it

  • Desirée Binternagel and Carmen Fairever

    Desirée Binternagel and Carmen Fairever

In recent years, the use of recycled gold has become widespread, which is a good start, but it does not change anything about the ongoing problems in mining communities. It must be said though that consumers are making choices by opting for Fairtrade as the most trustworthy certification scheme. External audits and 100% traceability ensure that Fairtrade certified gold comes from mines that work responsibly according to a precise standard. In addition to a fair price for the gold, miners also receive a social premium which is used for the well-being and sustainable development of the community.  Fairmined certification was created in collaboration with Fairtrade and has now developed even further. A Fairmined Ecological Certification has been added to this for gold mining without the use of chemicals. All this leads to advantages because it guarantees having a traceable, transparent and responsible supply chain, which means actively having an impact on the lives of millions of people that depend on gold mining. Worldwide, 150 million people are dependent on gold mining so, our biggest challenge is to educate clients and partners about the importance of responsible supply chains and business practices and the fact that they come with an additional cost. Jewelry brands who have started to work with Fairmined Gold or Fairtrade Gold have reported the gain of a new customer base that is looking for ethical products. Moreover, these brands receive positive media attention and are viewed as trustworthy and ethical businesses. For example, our company, Fairever, recently won the German Sustainability Award, corroborating our strategy.

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