Industry 4.0: Here's How We Respond to Our Competitors

«We have some serious competitors outside Italy that we have to contend with every day. With competitors of this caliber, the challenge becomes electrifying and the incentive to search for new solutions is always greater.»

  • Giovanni Lejkowski

    Giovanni Lejkowski

Giovanni Lejkowski, founder and CEO of Riacetech srl, talks about his vision of today’s global market, full of increasingly tough challenges but brimming with new goals to achieve.

What was the secret behind Riacetech’s success?

«A mixture of excellent qualities is required if you want to win your customers’ trust: being totally and utterly reliable, never make promises you cannot keep. Those who buy our machines know that we are always there with our in-company support and that they can always meet us in person at one of the many international events.» 

Is having a patent an advantage on the market?

«No, it’s actually anti-economic and therefore definitely penalizes the purchasers. Selling a patent-protected machine means having the exclusive right to that product and therefore being able to set the price beyond the rules of competition. To protect your ideas, it’s enough to get the idea known, and therefore stop others from trying to patent it and create pointless bother.» 

What are parasite companies and how can a company defend itself?

«Some Asian markets and some low level European producers are constantly aggressive towards exclusive company products. Those who are not able to do their own research and development try to imitate the products of others to save research costs. The fact that they also imitate the shapes just goes to show their inability to shine in their own light. Simply attacking them with what they cannot offer: innovation. Would you buy an imitation of an old model of a car?» 

Does Riacetech have competitors in its segment?

«We have some serious competitors outside Italy that we have to contend with every day, each with their own technologies. With competitors of this caliber, who know how to offer valid alternatives, the challenge becomes electrifying and the incentive to search for new solutions is always greater. And the market benefits from the effects.» 

What’s new in the Riacetech pipeline for 2018? 

«Machines that we could define as Industry 4.0, a new line of casting machines, a new extruded wax formula and increasingly rapid and flexible responses thanks to new Lean Production systems based on TPS (Toyota Production System) models. Our motto is still: No Stopping Innovation.» 

  • 'R1 Intuitive' casting machine, Riacetech Srl

    'R1 Intuitive' casting machine, Riacetech Srl

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