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At the Jewelry Technology Forum for a full immersion in the best of high tech applied to gold and jewelry

At the Jewelry Technology Forum for a full immersion in the best of high tech applied to gold and jewelry. Here's what happened yesterday at the T.Gold conference.
Six hours of full immersion in which to be updated, arouse interest and excitement and look towards new prospects in the field of technology applied to gold and jewelry. In short, this was the climate yesterday in the TIZIANO Room during the Jewelry Technology Forum, the sector's most important European technical-scientific event that saw the keynotes of those who dedicate all their professionalism to developing mechanisms and the like, take turns in the event. The conception and organization of the idea of this conference are the result of a profitable collaboration, which began fourteen years ago, between Italian Exhibition Group and Legor Group S.p.A., a company leader in the specific segments of alloy and galvanic processing.  Four  discussion 'categories' developed during the day, first of all the promising 'When there is a will there is a way:  Resolve', the core theme of which was knowing how to find the weak links in a production chain or in a traditional method in order to draw inspiration to create valid alternatives, able to optimize a specific production process. ‘When there is a will there is a way - Protect’, on the other hand, focused on how to adopt a more responsible attitude towards people and the environment, or rather, whether implementing  a Corporate Social Responsibility strategy can generate positive effects for a company. ‘When there is a will there is a way – Networking’ then shifted attention onto how often the most ingenious ideas are those generated by cooperation, and how exchanging ideas and an open-minded attitude towards innovation often leads to positive results. Lastly, ‘When there is a will there is a way – Dream Big’ aimed at amplifying the optimism that sharing a new and winning idea in the professional field can generate. An idea that often ends up being translated by the market into an authentic injection of trust in the future and subsequently into impetus for competitors to innovate further, in a challenge to do even better. These ‘categories’ were dealt with by eight experts in different keys. The work began with Chris Corti from COReGOLD Technology, on the theme of ‘Jewelry – Does it serve its purpose? An analysis based on customer complaints.’ The next to take the floor was Ilaria Forno, an engineer at Turin polytechnic, who explained her report on Electro Sinter Forging: a super hero of powder metallurgy’. In other words, the casting of precious metals starting from an analysis of the materials and methods that she performed for her PhD in Production Systems and Industrial Design. During her speech, the advantages of the FAST Electro-Sinter-Forging (ESF) technique were illustrated and practical examples demonstrated the speed of the process and the characteristics of the components obtained, which show advanced mechanical properties, unobtainable with traditional techniques. In fact, powder metallurgy (PM) techniques, which, in the jewelry sector, help to avoid problems in design and dimensional control, are increasingly being used to support traditional metallurgy techniques. To comment on the day, Andrea Friso from Legor Group Spa, at the end of his own intervention – ‘Ten hot questions on metallurgy. A classification of the most common questions in jewelry metallurgy and their answers’ – said: «The JTF represents, as it always has, a place in which to exchange ideas and is the only Forum on a European level where it is possible to talk about jewelry technology. A precious occasion for exchange, confrontation and training for sector professionals to find out about new technologies as well as to be constantly updated on existing processes.»
Lorenza Scalisi

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