Topcast, an Italian highly reputed company worldwide for vacuum induction and controlled atmosphere melting processes.

Topcast, an Italian highly reputed company worldwide for vacuum induction and controlledatmosphere melting processes, presents at T. Gold the following range of machines able togive any shape to a molten metal.

  • Vacuum Casting systems for lost wax and direct casting processes (starting from 3Dprinted resins);
  • Gas atomization systems for the production of metal powders used in additivemanufacturing processes (SLM);
  • Water granulation and atomization plants for the refining process;
  • Vacuum granulation plants for the production of high quality precious alloys, supplied, onrequest, with advanced levels of automation;
  • Gold and silver bars production plants, both manual and fully automatic and robotized,including dosing, weighing and handling;
  • Precious semi-finished production plants, such as plates, rods and tubes, both with batchand continuous casting systems.There are no other ways to shape a molten metal in which Topcast ​​is not involved and can,with competence, provide its customers with the most appropriate and advanced technologyfor any imaginable foundry application.

Topcast Srl

Località San Zeno - Strada C, 6/D, 52100 Arezzo (AR) Italy
Tel. +39 0575 441341 - Fax +39 0575 441222
T.Gold 2018, Stand 140, Pav. 9

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