Topcast's Green Economy

New technologies to limit the environmental impact of extraction and disposal

In recent years, industrial production has been increasingly moving towards a circular or green economy, which involves the recycling and recovery of precious metals in order to limit the environmental impact of extraction and disposal. Within the precious metals category, particular focus has been placed on platinum group metals (PGMs) due to their growing use in the fashion and jewelry industry as well as in strategic industrial sectors such as fuel cells. In order to overcome the limitations imposed by their rarity and extraction difficulties, Topcast offers a wide range of circular economy solutions specifically for platinum group metals, such as: TMF-PGM, furnaces for smelting and granulation in water up to 40 kg Pt/batch; TMA-W, water atomizers for powders below 300 um and 20 kg Pt/batch; TCE, vacuum furnaces for lost wax investment casting up to 1.5 kg/batch; TVM, highvacuum furnaces for commercial ingot production lines conforming to Good Delivery Standards (LPPM) with capacities up to 30 kg Pt/batch. The company from Monte San Savino, in the province of Arezzo, thus confirms its far-sighted vision and all-round green attitude.

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