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WHITENOR® by Berkem: The Best Alternative to Rhodium in Electroplating

What is the public's perception of the whiteness of a certain electroplating bath? Berkem, a leading company in the sector, asked themselves this question by subjecting WHITENOR®, a platinum and ruthenium based electroplating bath solution, to a specific product test (color perception index). The result shows WHITENOR® as a perfect alternative to rhodium. Here’s what happened exactly: 55 jewelry workers were asked to identify which of two white-finish bracelets was rhodium-plated, assuming that they would choose the whitest bracelet. 69% indicated the WHITENOR®-treated bracelet, 18.5% stated that both bracelets were rhodium-plated, while only 12.5% chose the rhodium-plated bracelet. 

This color perception index test showed that Berkem's latest innovation has a degree of whiteness absolutely comparable to rhodium (color coordinates WHITENOR® L*88; a*0.55; b*2.8 - RODINOR® L* 90.5; a*1; b*1.5). Unlike similar baths, WHITENOR® adheres perfectly to silver surfaces, ensuring bright deposits and, at the same time, providing excellent protection against oxidation. This, together with the good levelling power, due to the ruthenium in solution which increases its penetration, makes WHITENOR® an alternative to intermediate palladium-based baths. Lastly, the positive response for the jewellery and fashion industry is determined by a factor that is now more important than ever: the cost-effectiveness compared to traditional rhodium and palladium baths, as well as the ease with which the solution can be maintained even in the case of sporadic use.

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